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Thank you for visiting my page and if we have not yet met, I hope to have the opportunity of chatting with you soon either by phone or Internet.

My Background

I grew up on a small dairy farm bordering the Salmon River in the beautiful state of Idaho. It was a good life and I learned how to work hard and sweat and how to persist until a job is done.

I was introduced to network marketing at the age of 14 and I saw it as a way to create a better future for myself and the tenacity that I learned on the farm helped keep me going through many years of earning very little money and sometimes spending more than I earned to keep my business going.

Whenever I do something, I generally do it with my whole heart and I don't give up easily once I start something. One year before Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, I was creating what would have been Facebook, Godaddy, Google, eBay and Amazon under one umbrella.

Of course, my companies had different names than these, but I had already purchased a domain registrar like Godaddy and we were well on our way to launching that company and the other companies would have each launched progressively faster in a domino fashion after opening our doors, if I had not run out of money.

This happened when I was the number two money earner in a network marketing company and I was using part of my income to pay $7,000 a month to do the necessary programming and had been doing that for the better part of a year, however that all went up on smoke when the owner of the network marketing company took away my income.

Over the next 17 years, I went on to become the top associate in three other network marketing companies and as fate would have it, each of them also kicked me to the curb and took away my income after I had made them a lot of money.

You've heard it said that the "third time is a charm", but I was not at all charmed the second or the third time that I lost my income. It wasn’t until the fourth time that I almost involuntarily said "That's it - I've had enough - I'm starting my own company!"

When these words came out of my mouth, it actually shocked me and I mentally took about three steps backward and looked at myself and said, "What did you say?" "I said, I'm starting my own company!

The reason it shocked me is I had been half owner of a network marketing company in the mid-nineties and I knew how much work it was to start and run and company and I was really not looking for that kind of responsibility again at this time in my life.

In fact, I had recently been thinking about retiring and moving to my 26 acre coconut plantation where I could grow all kinds of organic fruits and vegetables and spend a lot of time with my family.

Call it destiny or whatever you want to, but somebody needed to create a company like FreeMart and if it was to be, I figured it was up to me.

Along with many years of being a highly successful network marketer, I was also a consultant to the industry for 16 years. My hope when entering into consulting was to help get rid of some of the trickery and dishonesty in the industry and make things better for the rank and file associates..

My observation was that virtually all owners of network marketing companies had started their businesses for the express purpose of getting rich, and service to customers and taking good care of distributors took a back seat to the dollar signs in their eyes.

Even if a company appeared to be honorable on the surface, a closer look inside (which I was often able to do as a consultant to company owners) revealed what I later concluded applies to virtually all network marketing companies; that greed was the dominating factor and purpose for the company's existence.

For many years I asked questions of company owners that none of them cared to answer:

If I were to start another company, I would get rid of all of these negatives and create an honorable company with a totally level playing field and in doing so, I didn't even take any special privileges for myself.

In every step of creating FreeMart, I asked God to show me how to create the best business plan ever and to find or create miracle products to best serve our members. I believe that I was inspired every step of the way. I will let you be the judge of that after you learn about our products and our profit sharing plan.

Once again I am creating a GIANT conglomerate of companies that could be the biggest thing to happen to referral based marketing. Just so you can see the potential in what we are doing, last year Facebook did 27.6 billion dollars and Amazon did 136 billion dollars in revenue. Imagine if they merged under one umbrella and started paying out up to 90% of their profits to all of their members.

So, if you haven't already joined as a free FreeMart member, then I extend an invitation to you to do that now.

At the very least check out just one of our products, which I believe to be the most cost effective and foundational health product in the world. Click the following link to read a short text and listen to an amazing story about one of our members who started using this product.

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John Austin